About Bram

Hi! I'm Bram Vanoirbeek, an illustrator born in Belgium and based in Greenwich (London).

Growing up in a country filled to the brim with amazing comic artists it was my dream - one of my dreams - to become a cartoonist. In 2018 I turned my hobby into a part-time career and started to develop my signature style while creating cartoons for use in marketing and communications. 

Sure, you might say, but why are you selling lens cloths? Well, having worn glasses for half my life, I was looking for some cloths that weren't just good at wiping off the daily smog and smut from my spectacles but looked great too. 

Not being able to find anything I liked, I decided to design some myself. I was even able to find a friendly local printer to make them for me, making the lens cloths entirely 'Made in Greenwich'.

Due to popular demand, I've now also added face coverings to my collection, based on my lens cloth patterns.

If you decide to order anything from my shop, thank you so much - it's what makes creating something all the more fun.

As Mary Shelly wrote: Adieu! Take care of yourself and, I entreat you, write!


PS: Beyond being an illustrator, I'm also a digital communications consultant. If you want to discuss any digital marketing training or projects, please drop me an email at bram@thethingaboutdigital.com.